Preetam D'Souza

Oregairu [AMV] - Hikigaya Hachiman

How genuine are your relationships?

"And so I'll do things my own way. Face it head-on, fair and square, in the lowest, nastiest, most servile way I can."

"See how easy that was? That's all it takes to create a world where nobody gets hurt."

"You've always been avoiding the root issue."

"Don't you think it's about time you stopped sacrificing yourself?"

"Don't you help people because you want someone to help you?"

"There was something I wanted."

"But...would it kill you to spare a thought for how someone feels?"

"How can you understand so much, and yet not understand something so simple?"

"I...I want something genuine!"

This one came together really, really quickly. It was some weird twist of fate that I happened to find the perfect music just when I finished up season 2. Credits for the video and music can be found in the description on YouTube.

I did everything in iMovie which was kind of a pain because I can't place clips at specific points of an audio track out of the box. Instead, iMovie works the other way around: you can place audio clips at specific points on the video track. Usually, my inspiration for these edits starts off with finding some music that really hits me in the feels—and then a scene will pop into my head. For this one I knew I wanted to emphasize how 8man sacrifices himself to prevent others from being hurt without realizing that he's hurting the people around him who care for him. So I picked out some scenes with powerful quotes and started out by placing them at key points in the music. Then I go ahead and work forwards and backwards non-linearly to fill out the entire edit. But iMovie only lets you place clips sequentially one after the other so it's difficult to edit non-linearly while still syncing to specific moments in the music.

My workaround for now is to place a black background that spans the entire audio clip, and place the video clips above the background anchored to markers that I manually add to the audio track. I would also like the ability to cut larger clips into smaller thematic scenes and organize them into clip bins so I can quickly select a scene to place at key points.

I think I'm spending enough effort on these edits nowadays to justify an upgrade to Final Cut Pro. We'll see...

Now, time to watch the final season!

Preetam D'Souza
January 24, 2021